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A class for parents and caregivers of children, mobile/walking up to 3 years

Open a whole new world of communication for your baby or toddler! Baby and toddler sign language is a fun, educational way to for you and your baby to communicate. Research has proven that children as young as 6 months old can process visual language, often repeating back and responding in sign language long before they can verbalize.

Classes are designed to learn and practice signing in a fun and interactive way. Participants will learn the signs for popular foods, family members, play time and feelings.

What are the benefits of teaching babies to sign?

  1. Fewer tantrums! Sign language provides a way for toddlers to express their needs and wants before they are able to speak them
  2. Promotes bonding. Signing with your baby or toddler creates a unique bond emotional connection due to increased communication
  3. Boosts brain development. In a study by the National Institute of Health, hearing children who had signed as infants scored an average of twelve points higher on IQ tests than non-signing children.
  4. It’s just fun!

Cost and Registration information
Registration is $48.00 for the 4 week class. There is a $2.00 service fee is paying online. Each class is 1 hour long. An additional mobile child may be added for an additional $36.00.

** Enrolled participants will received an emailed confirmation of registration. This is your proof of class enrollment. Please do not begin the class without receipt of this confirmation. If a class is full we will notify you by email and refund your registration fee**


Refunds are not available after registration is paid. The registration fee is transferable, however, to another participant or for a future class.

Inclement Weather:

Participants will be notified via email if class is canceled due to the weather.  A makeup class will be added on the class schedule for inclement weather

Who can come to class?

Registration includes on adult and one mobile child. One non-mobile child may attend for free. A second mobile child may register with that same adult for $36.00. HOWEVER there is a 2 child limit per registration. A non-mobile child cannot attend with 2 other children.


Classes are held at our new office location at 2134 Nicholasville Rd, Suites 16 and 17 (map below).

Google Map of 2134 Nicholasville Rd, Suite 16 and 17.

Park in the back – suites 16 and 17 are on the 2nd floor.
Enter the stairway to the right under the overhang.

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